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[2018/7/9 下午 10:00:15] OurABC: hi

[2018/7/9 下午 10:00:57] OurABC: Just message when you are ready.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:01:06] ** 來自 OurABC 的來電。 **

[2018/7/9 下午 10:01:52] OurABC: energetic

[2018/7/9 下午 10:05:56] OurABC: bug

[2018/7/9 下午 10:06:45] OurABC: itchy

[2018/7/9 下午 10:07:41] OurABC: Lysol

[2018/7/9 下午 10:07:49] OurABC: tick

[2018/7/9 下午 10:08:12] OurABC: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Ticks-Around-Your-Home

[2018/7/9 下午 10:11:21] OurABC: red spots

[2018/7/9 下午 10:15:07] OurABC: Part 1 Removing Ticks Indoors

De-clutter your home. Although ticks are found outdoors….

Wash dirty clothes in hot water....

Clean your house thoroughly....

Dust your home with pesticide....

Treat indoor pets.....

Call an exterminator….

[2018/7/9 下午 10:18:22] OurABC: clean the house

[2018/7/9 下午 10:19:11] OurABC: clean the house thoroughly with the husband helping

[2018/7/9 下午 10:20:49] OurABC: powder

[2018/7/9 下午 10:21:59] OurABC: spray

[2018/7/9 下午 10:22:41] OurABC: I clean the house soap and water

[2018/7/9 下午 10:23:10] OurABC: and dust it with powder detergent

[2018/7/9 下午 10:25:21] OurABC: pesticide ---- ‘pɛstɪ͵saɪd

[2018/7/9 下午 10:26:04] OurABC: sprinkle

[2018/7/9 下午 10:27:33] OurABC: spray

[2018/7/9 下午 10:30:26] OurABC: exterminator --- ɪkˋstɝmə͵netɚ

[2018/7/9 下午 10:34:22] OurABC: put alcohol

[2018/7/9 下午 10:34:31] OurABC: first

[2018/7/9 下午 10:37:16] OurABC: then lather a lotion after to prevent skin from drying

[2018/7/9 下午 10:38:55] OurABC: smooth

[2018/7/9 下午 10:39:12] OurABC: our skin is smooth

[2018/7/9 下午 10:39:21] OurABC: you have a smooth skin

[2018/7/9 下午 10:40:07] Jessie: my hair is smooth and shiny

[2018/7/9 下午 10:42:28] Jessie: I like to take selfies.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:45:53] OurABC: in the past, I didn't have beautiful profile pictures, but with the new IOS application I can make many beautiful pictures.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:47:56] OurABC: What age does it looks like?

[2018/7/9 下午 10:48:52] OurABC: How old do you think I look like?

[2018/7/9 下午 10:49:21] OurABC: you can put “at” at the start of the sentence

[2018/7/9 下午 10:50:34] Jessie: At what age do I look like in the picture?

[2018/7/9 下午 10:53:11] OurABC: Please come and see this.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:54:32] OurABC: I’m coming to see you.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:54:58] OurABC: I’m going to you and see you.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:55:47] OurABC: There is an intention to come and see you.

[2018/7/9 下午 10:58:19] Jessie: =intent

[2018/7/9 下午 10:59:30] OurABC: intend --- is planning

[2018/7/9 下午 10:59:55] OurABC: I intend to see you.

以上, 感謝線上英文教學 學員Jessie Yen分享上課記錄

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[2018/4/13 下午 10:00:37] Alice Lee: The headset was not working because I plugged it in the wrong place.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:01:02] OurABConline: Your microphone was plugged in the wrong point.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:02:25] OurABConline: I had a sore tummy.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:02:35] OurABConline: I had a sore stomach.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:03:45] OurABConline: I had diarrhea.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:04:16] OurABConline: I suffered from diarrhea.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:05:04] OurABConline: If you have diarrhea, a lot of liquid feces comes out of your body because you are ill.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:05:33] OurABConline: = I had loose bowels.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:05:52] OurABConline: = I had running bowels.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:06:29] OurABConline: L/S/G

[2018/4/13 下午 10:06:45] OurABConline: liquid

[2018/4/13 下午 10:06:48] OurABConline: solid

[2018/4/13 下午 10:06:55] OurABConline: gas

[2018/4/13 下午 10:07:38] Alice Lee: I was awake all night.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:09:08] OurABConline: He cut his finger by accident/accidently.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:10:20] OurABConline: He needed to run it in water.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:11:45] Alice Lee: rush to run it in water

[2018/4/13 下午 10:11:49] OurABConline: He needed to rush to run it under water.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:13:21] OurABConline: prepare for something

[2018/4/13 下午 10:13:25] OurABConline: prepare something

[2018/4/13 下午 10:13:56] Alice Lee: I am preparing the exam.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:14:28] OurABConline: I am preparing for the presentation.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:16:03] OurABConline: be prepared for something

[2018/4/13 下午 10:16:12] OurABConline: be ready for

[2018/4/13 下午 10:17:26] Alice Lee: be prepared for = be ready for

[2018/4/13 下午 10:20:51] OurABConline: The chance is slim

[2018/4/13 下午 10:22:37] OurABConline: sink

[2018/4/13 下午 10:23:44] OurABConline: The chance of success is slim.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:24:08] OurABConline: = The chance of success is small.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:25:31] OurABConline: It’s no way. = It’s fat chance. = No way. = Fat chance.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:27:19] Alice Lee: The chance of passing her final exam is great.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:28:01] OurABConline: To him, it's a long shot to pass the final exam because he didn't prepare for it in advance/before hand.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:30:32] OurABConline: the comprehension of math and language

[2018/4/13 下午 10:30:48] OurABConline: reading comprehension

[2018/4/13 下午 10:31:07] OurABConline: comprehend (vt.)

[2018/4/13 下午 10:31:45] OurABConline: Human beings do not yet comprehend the universe.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:33:13] Alice Lee: It’s difficult for children to comprehend a long text.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:33:34] OurABConline: understand

[2018/4/13 下午 10:33:46] OurABConline: pronunciation

[2018/4/13 下午 10:35:02] OurABConline: reputation

[2018/4/13 下午 10:35:47] OurABConline: He has a good reputation as a doctor.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:36:11] OurABConline: competition

[2018/4/13 下午 10:37:08] OurABConline: He is going to enter a boxing competition in September this year.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:38:01] OurABConline: I ever took part in a tennis competition when I studied in college.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:38:15] Alice Lee: enter = take part in

[2018/4/13 下午 10:39:48] OurABConline: There will be 20 competitors in the boxing competition.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:41:03] OurABConline: There are nearly 250 players entering the competition.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:43:24] Alice Lee: There are nearly 250 players taking part in the competition.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:45:19] OurABConline: The firm has to fight off a lot of competition to win the contract.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:46:06] OurABConline: compete (vt.)

[2018/4/13 下午 10:47:12] OurABConline: He can compete with/against a French competitor who won the championship last year.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:48:35] OurABConline: challenger

[2018/4/13 下午 10:49:08] Alice Lee: The challenger and the champion will meet next week.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:50:04] OurABConline: competitive (adj.)

[2018/4/13 下午 10:52:41] OurABConline: The competitors sell the similar goods, but the prices and quality of our products are more competitive.

[2018/4/13 下午 10:54:17] OurABConline: How can you maintain strong competitive advantage?

[2018/4/13 下午 10:56:31] OurABConline: give their employees a budget

[2018/4/13 下午 10:57:09] OurABConline: provide with

[2018/4/13 下午 10:59:28] Alice Lee: The company provides their employees with a budget.

[2018/4/13 下午 11:01:03] OurABConline: See you next Tuesday at 10pm.


以上, 感謝Our ABC Online 線上學英文一對一教學 Alice Lee學員分享商用課程








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[2018/2/27 下午 09:00:13] Our ABC: Hi Peter, shall we start now?

[2018/2/27 下午 09:00:22] *** Our ABC 來電 ***

[2018/2/27 下午 09:03:25] Peter: She’s going to take the exam in May this year

[2018/2/27 下午 09:06:12] Our ABC: exhausted

[2018/2/27 下午 09:06:31] Our ABC: stressful

[2018/2/27 下午 09:08:11] Our ABC: low spirit

[2018/2/27 下午 09:08:30] Our ABC: high spirit

[2018/2/27 下午 09:09:16] Our ABC: the following day

[2018/2/27 下午 09:09:21] Peter: I am worried that she might get low spirit for the following day's classes.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:10:24] Our ABC: get no energy

[2018/2/27 下午 09:11:17] Peter: have a little energy

[2018/2/27 下午 09:12:05] Our ABC: Don't be bothered

[2018/2/27 下午 09:12:36] Peter: =Don't be worried or upset.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:13:23] Our ABC: annoy

[2018/2/27 下午 09:13:48] Our ABC: keep your eyes on her

[2018/2/27 下午 09:14:34] Our ABC: graphic designer

[2018/2/27 下午 09:16:18] Our ABC: vocational school

[2018/2/27 下午 09:16:21] Our ABC: vocal

[2018/2/27 下午 09:16:25] Our ABC: voice

[2018/2/27 下午 09:16:33] Our ABC: vowel

[2018/2/27 下午 09:18:51] Our ABC: spiritual calling

[2018/2/27 下午 09:20:12] Our ABC: advertising

[2018/2/27 下午 09:20:59] Our ABC: advertisement design

[2018/2/27 下午 09:21:39] Our ABC: prefer

[2018/2/27 下午 09:21:43] Our ABC: rather

[2018/2/27 下午 09:21:46] Our ABC: She prefers painting to reading.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:22:19] Our ABC: She’d rather paint than read.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:23:14] Our ABC: She prefers to paint rather than read.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:23:51] Our ABC: devote herself in the major

[2018/2/27 下午 09:24:38] Our ABC: divorce

[2018/2/27 下午 09:24:41] Our ABC: divide

[2018/2/27 下午 09:26:13] Our ABC: divorce someone àget divorced to someone

[2018/2/27 下午 09:26:52] Our ABC: marry someone àget married to someone

[2018/2/27 下午 09:27:45] Our ABC: engage someone àget engaged to someone

[2018/2/27 下午 09:28:31] Our ABC: She divorces him. She gets divorced to him.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:29:16] Peter: He marries her. He gets married to her.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:29:32] Our ABC: He divorced her to marry Linda.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:30:59] Our ABC: engagement party

[2018/2/27 下午 09:33:48] Our ABC: wedding party

[2018/2/27 下午 09:35:57] Our ABC: in your parent's family

[2018/2/27 下午 09:36:43] Peter: We got/held the engagement party in her parents’ family.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:39:43] Peter: The wedding party took place in his parents' family.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:41:49] Our ABC: educate àteach

[2018/2/27 下午 09:42:36] Peter: I try to educate her to be independent.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:45:32] Our ABC: divide sth..to/into ...

[2018/2/27 下午 09:48:24] Our ABC: separate A from B

[2018/2/27 下午 09:50:28] Our ABC: take apart

[2018/2/27 下午 09:51:39] Peter: A year is divided into four seasons.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:52:45] Peter: Her parents separated when she was very young.

[2018/2/27 下午 09:53:59] Our ABC: The front end of the car separated from the rest of the vehicle.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:02:16] Our ABC: vehicle àtransportation

[2018/2/27 下午 10:03:01] Peter: The two countries are separated by a river.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:06:32] Our ABC: cable TV

[2018/2/27 下午 10:08:09] Our ABC: emphasize

[2018/2/27 下午 10:09:42] Our ABC: permission

[2018/2/27 下午 10:09:59] Our ABC: ask for one’s permission

[2018/2/27 下午 10:11:56] Our ABC: lie-lay-lain

[2018/2/27 下午 10:12:13] Our ABC: lie-lied-lied

[2018/2/27 下午 10:12:28] Our ABC: lay-laid-laid

[2018/2/27 下午 10:14:47] Our ABC: He lay in bed listening to music this morning.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:15:54] Peter: He laid some bananas on the table.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:16:33] Our ABC: countable

[2018/2/27 下午 10:16:43] Our ABC: opposite ß à

[2018/2/27 下午 10:16:57] Our ABC: uncountable

[2018/2/27 下午 10:18:58] Our ABC: Ving

[2018/2/27 下午 10:19:42] Our ABC: a sleeping bagà a bag for sleeping

[2018/2/27 下午 10:20:01] Our ABC: a sleeping babyà the boy who is sleeping

[2018/2/27 下午 10:23:16] Our ABC: She stayed up all night thinking about her business.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:24:55] Our ABC: =She stayed up all night when she thinks about her business.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:27:19] Our ABC: She saw and came running towards me.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:28:38] Peter: =She saw and came by/through running towards me.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:29:16] Our ABC: I usually wake up bright and early in the morning.

[2018/2/27 下午 10:30:08] Our ABC: bright and earlyßàpitch dark

[2018/2/27 下午 10:30:15] Our ABC: See you next week!


以上, 感謝Our ABC Online線上英文教學 學員Peter Liu上課分享





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Dear students,

This online school will be off on February 15th ~ February 20th for 6 days due to Lunar New Year 2018. 

If you can have class during that period, please inform the online assistant or your tutor before February 14th, and then we'll do the additional arrangement for you. 

Wishing you and your family a happy new year filled with favorite things! 




如果您可以過年期間上課, 請在2/14之前通知線上助理或您的老師. 

如此, 我們將可額外安排您的線上英文課程. 

祝閤家新年快樂 萬事如意! 


Our ABC Online 線上英文 全體敬上






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線上學英文 美籍家教 線上英文教學 一對一課程 年前特惠 (限10名)

 報名流程 :

1 官網填具「免費試上課」申請表送出 

2 相約在Skype上免費英文程度檢測, 完成後傳送試上的教材

3 再於約定時間和老師免費試上課程 (試上課老師=正式課老師)

4 試上滿意後, 再考慮加入正式課程, 所有使用教材均免費

5 美國老師英文課程學費優惠限額10名  

歡迎預約免費英文試上~ 心動快行動唷~~ 

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Tutor: Elaine老師

國籍:   菲律賓(官方英語)

學歷:   Liceo de Cagayan University碩士 主修管理和護理學

語言:   英語和德語

英文教學經驗: 6年 (Since 2011)

活潑熱情的性格, 讓我總是期待每一次課堂上和學員的互動交流以及生活分享. 

營造輕鬆且愉快的上課氣氛, 使得學習英文成為一種樂趣, 




Elaine phet.png
Our ABC Online 一對一線上英文家教 歡迎試聽

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Our ABC Online 一對一線上英文家教


即日起 ~ 7月底凡報名美籍或菲籍線上英文課程, 均享有以下優惠 :

美   國老師英文課 15小時 8,550 (570元/60)

菲律賓老師英文課 12小時 3,360 (280元/60)


每週固定排課1.5 ~ 2小時或以上, 固定老師
免費程度檢測 免費試聽試讀 歡迎預約
官網報名表 http://www.ourabc-online.url.tw/4-1.htm





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Working In Retail : 在零售業工作

Working in the retail -1.png

Working in the retail -2.png

Working in the retail -3.png

Working in the retail -4.png

Working in the retail -5.png

:Working in the retail -6.png

                                                                                                          Source :aliiciakeys


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Name名字 : Cici

Nationality 國籍 : 中師 (雙語英文教學)

Education 學歷 : 南澳大利亞洲大學碩士 主修商業管理和會計金融

English Teaching Experience 英文教學經驗 : 5 years



Our ABC Online 線上一對一英文家教







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The Tortoise 陸龜 and The Hare 野兔  (龜兔賽跑) 

There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. Tired of hearing him boast, Slow and Steady, the tortoise, challenged him to a race. All the animals in the forest gathered to watch. 

Hare ran down the road for a while and then and paused to rest. He looked back at Slow and Steady and cried out, "How do you expect to win this race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?" 

Hare stretched himself out alongside the road and fell asleep, thinking, "There is plenty of time to relax." 

Slow and Steady walked and walked. He never, ever stopped until he came to the finish line. 

The animals who were watching cheered so loudly for Tortoise, they woke up Hare. 

Hare stretched and yawned and began to run again, but it was too late. Tortoise was over the line. 

After that, Hare always reminded himself, "Don't brag about your lightning pace, for Slow and Steady won the race!" 

                                                                                                                                                  writen by www.storyarts.org


線上英文一對一家教 文法 句型 口說 聽力 專屬指導和訓練

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