1. shelter [ˋʃɛltɚd] => V.N.遮蔽 保護 躲避 (+from) The house sheltered us from the storm. 這房子遮擋著使我們免遭暴風雨淋. He is trying to shelter his boss from criticism. 他極力為老板擋住外界的批評. They sheltered from the sun under a tree. (=They took shelter from the sun under a tree.) 他們躲在樹底下乘涼. Food, clothing and shelter are all basic necessities of life. ,,住所是生活的基本必需品.

2. get => 使…..一直做某事或者處於某狀態 You got me dancing. Can you get the machine running?

3. sip [sɪp] => V.N.啜飲 Should we sip water or gulp it? 我們應該小口地喝水還是大口喝水? (gulp [gʌlp] => 狼吞虎嚥) This liquor is strong. I can only take a sip. 這酒很烈,我只能喝一小口. (liquor [ˋlɪkɚ] => )

4. bet [bɛt] => V.N.敢斷定 打賭 I bet (you) (that) she is on the wrong side of forty. 我敢肯定她已40多歲了. He made the bet that he would win the game. 他和別人打賭說他會贏得這場遊戲比賽. I bet $30 on the red horse. =I made a 30-dollar bet on the red horse. (=I bet $30 that the red horse would win.) 我賭30美元在那匹紅馬身上.

5. strung-out [͵strʌŋˋaʊt] => 毒癮的

6. hazy [ˋhezɪ] => 模糊的 有薄霧的 朦朧的 He’s a bit hazy about how to do next? 他有點不清楚下一步該怎麼做? The mountains were hazy in the distance. 遠處的群山在朦朧霧靄之中.

7. odds [ɑds] => 機會 成功的可能性 差別The odds are against us. 我們成功的機會很小. The odds are in their favor. 他們成功的機會很大. It makes no adds whether you leave or stay. 你離開或留下來都没有差別. What’s the odds? (=What are the odds?) 有什麼關係(有什麼差別)? He’s often at odds with his father. 他時常和父親意見不一.

8. scatter [ˋskætɚ] => V.N.消散 分散 潰散 散布 When the tree falls, monkeys scatter. 樹倒猢猻散. Don’t scatter your money around. 別到處揮霍.

9. scream [skrim] => 刺眼 尖叫 放聲大哭或大笑

10. torture [ˋtɔrtʃɚ] => V.N. 烤打 酷刑 折磨

11. escape [əˋskep] => V.N. 逃跑 脫逃 逃避 避免 She listens to some music as an escape from the pressures of work. (=She escapes from the pressures of work by listening to some music.) 她聽些音樂以逃避工作上的壓力.

12. f airytale [ˋfɛrɪ͵tel] => 童話式的 童話故事

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