Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday of May. It’s a day to honor our mothers and make them feel extra special. It’s also a good time for family members to gather together, especially after we get married or work in other places. It’s common for adult children cook for their mums or take them out to lunch or dinner. Young children put a lot of effort into making cards and plastic flowers for their moms.

Mother’s Day is coming. If you have the ideas to celebrate it, we have some questions for you as follows:

1. Have you prepared any presents for Mother’s Day? Or what have you received?

2. Have you made a reservation in the restaurant on that day/during that weekend? Or you prefer a big meal at home?

3. Do you have any other plans for celebrating it?

4. Did you also celebrate Father’s Day? And how?

5. Anyway, please say “Happy Mother’s Day!!” to your great moms.

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