1. Vending : ['vendɪŋ] n. 名詞 販賣

例句 :

A : Is there any vending machines in this school?  
B : There is a vending machine outside the restaurant entrance to the left.  
     There are pizza vending machines in the Lobby and on the 10th floor.  
     Do you want something to drink from the vending machine?  
A : This vending machine sold out of oolong tea.  
     I put coins in this vending machine and pushed a button, but a coke didn't come out. 
     我把硬幣投入自動販賣機, 然後按了一個鈕, 可是沒有可樂出來。
B : I also deposited 1 dollar and 50 cents into this vending machine for canned coffee.  
A : Why are you banging on this vending machine?  
B : This vending machine does not work.  
A : Oh, that's great! We just lost 2.5 dollars in this stupid vending machine.  

2. Toppings : ['tɒpɪŋz] n. 名詞 餐點上層添加風味的餡料

例句 :

1. The special comes with a large pizza with up to five toppings of your choice, four
    fried chicken legs, a large order of garlic bread, and a bottle of soda for $ 699.

2. What are the best ice cream sundae toppings? At a toppings bar, it seems
    everyone chooses a different combination of syrup, candy, fruit, and nuts.
    什麼是最好的聖代冰淇淋配料? 在配料欄,似乎每個人都選擇糖漿,糖果,水果


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