This loving chicken was confused for a second

when she saw that her favorite human came back home with a new haircut.

After a brief inspection, she realized this boy was okay. 

Then she welcomed a long hug from him. 

So sweet. 

**brief [brif]  Adj 短暫的 簡短的 N摘要 V作…摘要

   After a brief pause, they continued climbing.


   The preface of this book is very brief


   He gave us a brief introduction about his company.


   Please be brief because I am in a hurry.


   I'll make a brief visit to New York.


   He drew up a brief for his speech.


   Can you first introduce yourself in brief?


   Let me brief you before the meeting.

   開會前, 讓我簡單地提示你。

   Please brief us on the main points to be studied. 


**inspection [ɪnˋspɛkʃən] N檢查 視察

   I gave the radio a thorough inspection before buying it.


   Shall we go down to the question of inspection?


   Please bring your luggage here for inspection.


   The soldiers lined up for their daily inspection by their officers.


   Keep on the alert; we're due for an inspection.


**inspect [ɪnˋspɛk]  V檢查 視察

   Customs officers inspect our baggage.


   Airport officials inspected the shipment.


   Health Department officials came to inspect the factory.


   Direct inspector to inspect products. 


   Plastic shoes will be inspected during production.





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