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請告知線上學校服務人員, 將不計入堂數.


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Dear teachers and students,

The online school will be off during Chinese New Year from Feb 10th to Feb 16th for 7 days.


If you're willing to have class during that time, please tell your teacher by Feb 9th.

如果您願意過年期間上課, 請在2/9之前通知您的老師. 

Happy Chinese New Year ~~


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看影片學英文 : What goese around comes around. 付出的總會有回報

可改成這樣說 : The thing that goes around comes around.

另一句相似諺語 : As you sow(播種), so shall you reap(收穫).

如有興趣進一步學習英文, 請參閱官網 Our ABC Online 一對一線上英文教學









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我叫Eve. 之前是個上班族, 隨著兩個孩子漸漸長大, 我現在是個家庭主婦, 平常整理家務之外, 興趣就是學英文. 今年因為肺炎疫情的關係, 開始在Our ABC Online線上學習英文, 訓練口說和聽力, 我不想感到學習的壓力, 所以, 希望老師用free talk的方式, 引導我多講多聽, 很幸運我遇到這位老師可以順著話題和前面的語意, 聯想出我正在表達的意思, 提示我單字和糾正我的句子, 無論講對講錯都會打字下來給我, 讓我表達越來越完整, 學的很紮實. 

從好幾年前, 我就一直利用本身的英文能力, 陪伴及教導我的孩子學校和補習班的英文科目, 除了英文作業和考試, 我也將英文融入他們日常生活對話當中, 即使不是生活在國外, 也盡量給他們一個中文和英文雙語的生活環境. 

這次的上課內容, 是討論健康和教育的主題, 還提到了一點現今的防疫情形. 如果你們也有英文學習的需要, 推薦這一間線上英文教學, 我的先生在他們這裡學商用英文(要再考多益), 我大女兒在這裡上雅思課(未來打算去英國讀書), 他們也很習慣和喜歡. 分享個人經驗給你們, 可以去試讀看看, 反正是免費的, 有喜歡再購買課程, 希望你們也能夠有所收獲.  

(以下為Eve學員2020/8/20 的上課內容和中文筆記, 感謝分享~~ )

OurABCtutor,下午 08:00 Hi Eve, How are you doing today?


to take more medicine

side effects


effect of the medicine

consumed or used up all (consume吃光/耗盡)

took all the pills

delivered not yet


prescription medicine from the doctor has not arrived yet

What is prescription?

It is the paper from the doctor

Doctors prescribe medicine.

5 pills of ____

2 mg of ____

Aspirin can only make me feel more comfortable.

When I inhale cold air, I have a stuffy/blocked/congested nose soon.

My left face feels sore.

temperature allergy (allergy 過敏症)

allergic reaction to change or abrupt change of temperature (abrupt 突然的)

When the air becomes suddenly humid, something in the air makes my nose uncomfortable.

rhinitis (rhinitis鼻炎)

allergic rhinitis

pollen (pollen 花粉)

My mind was not clear.

Were you also taking medicine at that time?

I had to take medicine every after meal.

narcotic side effects like drowsiness and others (narcotic 麻醉劑/鎮靜劑)(drowsiness 睡意)

tinnitus (tinnitus耳鳴)

traditional Chinese medicine he prescribed

I just took the medicine he prescribed for almost 12 days.

tiny needles = acupuncture (acupuncture針灸)

It worked for 2.5 years.

His nose allergy was gone and he felt better for 2.5 years.

doctor who practiced western medicine

entrance exam for high school

I feel more pressured.


with calm down

If I am angry with her, it is not good for my health and my ear problem will get worse.

So, I changed the way to communicate with her.

I asked my husband to help me explain things to her. Like recently, I didn't know why my daughter had money to buy things. I and my husband would only give her money for lunch.

She went roller skating/blading. (roller skate 四輪溜冰) (roller blade 溜直排輪)


Eve,下午 08:24 rolling shoes


OurABCtutor,下午 08:24 Did you check her computer activity?

husband and wife criminals (criminal 罪犯)

They pretend to be young but they are sexual predators. (predator 捕食者)

graphic pictures (graphic 圖樣的)

You blocked him.


Eve,下午 08:34 cooking food games


OurABCtutor,下午 08:36 It’s highly suspicious for a 18-year old girl to make money without your noticing (suspicious 懷疑的)

the source

cliques (cliques 派系/小集團)

I cannot manage my time.


Eve,下午 08:38 bad scores/poor scores

lay them there


OurABCtutor,下午 08:43 leave it there

delivery boy



A few people who got out of Taiwan tested positive in the rapid test for NCOV 19.


social distancing

1.5 meters

If they speak with the mask on, I couldn't hear them clearly.

speak softly

ups and downs

bad hair days = those days with bad luck


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最近看到這則不錯的一段影片, 想與大家分享內容, 希望有所啟發和獲益

So, my question to you today is : 

What do you practice...everyday?

What do you practice?

Because what you practice you'll get good at.

What do you practice?

Do you practice JOY in your life?

Do you practice PEACE in your life?

Do you practice HAPPINESS in your life?

Or do you practice a lot of COMPLAINING?

'Cause if you complain, you'll get very good at it!

And you'll get SO good at it, that you'll find fault with EVERYTHING!

Even when there is NO fault, that a layman cannot see. (layman 門外漢)

YOU, being an expert, will see it!!

What do you practice?

Do you practice ANGER?

'Cause if you practice ANGER, you'll get VERY good at it!

And you'll get So good at it...that the most TRIVIAL thing. (trivial 瑣碎的, 不重要的)

TRIVIAL thing will make you ANGRY.

Like sitting in an airplane watching the seat across from you, 

somehow looks better than the one you have been given!

And that is so unfair of the airline!

What do you practice?

Do you practice being WORRIED?

'Cause if you practice being WORRIED...,

you'll get very good at it!

And you'll get SO good at it,

that EVERYTHING will worry you!

Including the buffalo you don't have! (buffalo 水牛)

So, I propose......

If this is TRUE that it's a question of practice, then I propose you practice...JOY!


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我從事業務工作, 時常需要和國外客戶連繫, 不管是視訊還是電話都需要使用英文溝通, 以後還可能需要到國外出差. 目前收發英文email也是例行事項, 所以我下班後到補習班和自修英文很多年了, 聽說能力普普通通, 但仍時常遇到詞不達意, 很卡的時候, 甚至還會有需要猜想對方意思的情形發生. 實在影響了我的工作表現. 

因此, 今年過年之前, 開始試聽線上英文教學的課程, 最後我選擇了這間Our ABC Online, 因為遇到了真正喜歡和適合的老師, 他在我講英文的同時, 會快速地把我講的句字連同更正的地方全部都完整地打字下來, 讓我講完後看一遍自己的句子和被更正的地方. 著實學到了新的更貼切的表達單字和方式. 除了教學經驗老道, 老師還很熱情有趣, 好像認識很久的朋友, 上課時間60分鐘感覺過的很快, 在歡愉的氣氛中學英文, 可算是我工作壓力之下的娛樂兼進修, 很期盼下次上課的到來.    

以下是我在March,06, 2020 的上課記錄, 給予學校公開貼文, 特此感謝Our ABC Online的安排. 讓我英文有持續明顯地進步.  


Online Tutor,下午 08:59

Hi, Cathy. Please, be ready for our class.


Cathy,下午 09:00

Pls call me again 1 小時 5 分鐘 7


Online Tutor,下午 09:03

I stayed home for the whole day. I have lost 3 kilograms because tomorrow, I will join a party. I need to wear a small-sized dress so I went on a diet. Most of the time, I danced along with the music. But, sometimes I invited my husband to join me. Right now, he is jogging because he also wants to lose weight. He has gotten used to jogging every night around 9 to 10 pm. He always teased me because I have become too fat. It was gradual so I didn't realize I was getting that big. I tried the skirt every night to no avail, but, I made it last night. I could actually fit in. Today, I danced for an hour hoping that I would not rip it when I wear it.


Online Tutor,下午 09:06

Broke is for glass or heart. That is why we say my heart is broken. Or my eyeglasses are broken.


Online Tutor,下午 09:07

I ripped my dress. rip vs. reap (ript= ripped)


Online Tutor,下午 09:10

Sorry, we will have to part (goodbye). Departure means goodbye. My departure is at 7:45. I need to board two hours before. My bus will depart at 7:45. (duh PART chir = departure)


Cathy,下午 09:20

My ferry departs at 7:45.


Online Tutor,下午 09:22

What is your departure time? When do you depart?


Online Tutor,下午 09:25

What kind or what type of document do you have?

passport document, paper or document

business visa, study visa, travel visa and a passport

They are all documents. What kind of documents do you have? I have a passport and a business visa.


Online Tutor,下午 09:30

issue = to give

Where was the paper issued or given?

released a new album

released = issued (ruh LEEST = released)


Online Tutor,下午 09:35

I have read a new magazine. I have read a new issue of the magazine.

The new magazine has been issued.

has been issued = has been released


Cathy,下午 09:41

reply response


Online Tutor,下午 09:41

(ruh PLAI =reply)

(ruhs PONS = response)

(REE yu LAIZT = realized)

(redo = do again)

(ruh VYU = reviewruh)

(ruh MEM bur = remember)

(ruh LEEST = released)


Online Tutor,下午 09:49

He has been released from prison.


Online Tutor,下午 09:50

/bIn/ =been


Online Tutor,下午 09:51

been vs. bean


Online Tutor,下午 09:52

I've been to Georgia and California anywhere I could run. I've been to paradise but I've never been to me.


Online Tutor,下午 09:56

They are popular in the seventies.


Cathy,下午 09:51

In the 70s


Online Tutor,下午 09:56

Madonna is popular in the eighties. Jackson was very popular. Have you ever been to the USA? I've been to the USA twice. Have you been in love?

I love green beans.


Online Tutor,下午 10:00

Have you ever been to the UK? No, I've never been to the UK. I am not interested. It frequently rains. The air is humid. I don't like the humidity. They are only known for the Town Hall and the London Bridge.


Online Tutor,下午 10:03

I feel happy that you know how to pronounce the short I and the long ee because it means a lot to me as your teacher.




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Dear students,

This online school will be off from January 24th ~ January 29th for 6 days due to Lunar New Year 2020.

If you can have class during that period, please inform the online assistant or your tutor before January 24th, and then we'll do the additional arrangement for you. 

PS. All classes for January 23rd will go on as normal. 


Wishing you and your family a happy new year filled with favorite things! 




如果您可以過年期間上課, 請在1/24之前通知線上助理或您的老師. 

如此, 我們將可額外安排您的線上英文課程. 


備註 : 1/23(四)的所有課程將照常上課.


祝閤家新年快樂 萬事如意! 


Skype ID : service_jean

Line ID : ourabc168

Phone NO : (0918)364-558 

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影片單字學習 : 

drown [draʊn] 溺水

-- If you can keep your head above water, your won't drown.

desperately [ˋdɛspərɪtlɪ] 絶望地, 拼命地

-- He desperately saw her disappear into the crowd.

aid [ed] 援助

-- The food in the area has been given by foreign aid.

on site 在現場

-- The aminal aid has arrived on site.

on the verge of 瀕臨   (verge [vɝdʒ] 邊緣)

-- She is on the verge of tears.

-- He drove her to the verge of despair.

weaken [ˋwikən] 削弱

-- You could see the poor dog weakening daily as the disease spread through its body.

slip [slɪp]  off 滑掉

-- Keep close to me, and mind you don't slip (小心別滑倒了).

frantically [ˋfræntɪklɪ] 瘋狂似地

-- Thie year has been frantically busy for us, so I need a holiday just to wind down (放鬆).

count on 指望, 依靠

-- That was the only thing they could count on.

-- I'll count on it. 

rappel [ræˋpɛl] down 垂降

-- He rappelled down the rock face.

momentum [moˋmɛntəm] 動力, 氣勢

-- Once your puch it, it keeps going under its own momentum.

-- We should continue to maintain good growth momentum.

solid [ˋsɑlɪd] 固體(的), 實心的

-- The TV stand was made of solid wood.

shelter [ˋʃɛltɚ] 庇護所

-- In the storm, I took shelter under the tree.


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